Hardcourt Bike Polo in the City of Angels

Who will take Worlds 2012?

By the time you wake up tomorrow, the 2012 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champion will be known. The tournament kicked off in Geneva earlier this week, with a Wildcard tournament that qualified ten teams to advance to the championship competition. After the end of two days of seeding, the Guardians rank first, with a W/L/T record of 7/2/0 that just barely beats that of Call Me Daddy, France’s sweetheart team who earned the 2nd place podium spot at Worlds in 2011 and won the Euro title in their hometown.

So while the battle may well come down to a face off between Guardians and Call Me Daddy, there’s a few other teams that some of us have put our money on.

I’ve elaborated on the records and history of the top running teams (from a North American’s perspective) on this page. Links to live bracket results and streaming games can be found there as well. xo.