Hardcourt Bike Polo in the City of Angels


  1. No feet down. If your foot touches the ground, you have to get out of the play immediately and go tap a designated spot with your mallet. (Typically there are two spots on the center line, one on each sideline).
  2. Full contact: bike to bike, mallet to mallet, body to body. But body-to-body action must be shoulder checking only. No grabbing another person (or his/her bike). Whacking mallets okay. A foot can be extended to touch the ball (to stop it or change its direction), but cannot be used to kick the ball.
  3. No T-boning a person with control of the ball. If someone has control of the ball, the defender can check, but cannot cut off the person with the ball.
  4. Play begins with a joust. Players line up behind their goal lines. There is a countdown: “Ready-Set-Polo!” (or “3-2-1-Polo!”).
  5. After the each goal, the players from the team that scored return to their goal line.
    After the scoring team reaches their goal line, the other team takes the ball up. The scoring team, now on defense, must wait until the offensive team passes half court to attack.
  6. No passing the ball backwards through the goal. If the ball passes backwards through the goal, it is the other team’s ball. Turnover is immediate and game continues play.

Scoring: Games are first to five points, or highest score at 10 minutes.

Equipment: Any bike is okay. Any mallet is okay. The ball is a no-bounce hockey ball.

Field: Hardcourt. Goals are a bike’s length wide, and a 700c wheel tall.