Hardcourt Bike Polo in the City of Angels

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This Sunday, 10 miles of LA streets were closed to car traffic, opening them up to thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians. Krista of LA Bike Polo found a perfect parking lot to play on, and worked tirelessly to Make It Happen, coordinating between the CicLAvia organizers, the lot owners, and a million other people involved.

Another huge thank you goes to Pomona Bike Polo for bringing out their boards to set up the court.  Due to their hard work, we were set up and ready to play at 10 a.m. when the event officially began.

Throughout the event, hundreds of people stopped to watch, take pictures, and some even tried their first game of bike polo. Veteran players took a back seat as the court was filled with 2v2 games with first time players. Instead they worked the crowd, explaining the basics to interested passersby. You should definitely check out this video of Brick dancing with a traffic cone on his head.

After the event was over, we headed up to the Mosher court for a few hours of happy, exhausted polo in the traditional 3v3 format, even getting one of the spectators from the event to give it a try on the home court. Overall, a very long, fun day of polo. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in to make it happen.