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Tim McGee crushes local race, LA Bike Polo Celebrates

By Scoop Newsworthy AP (Associated Polo)

LA Bike Polo was out in full force at the recent Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race in  in Downtown Los Angeles. They came out to support the eventual winner, their very own Tim McGee. This was the 4th edition of the race, and the first incarnation to be 100% legit with the city. In the past, race organizers merely co-opted the course, a straight 1000-foot sprint through the 2nd street tunnel at night with the cars. While the course hasn’t changed, the size and organization have greatly improved. With electronic timers, bleachers, catering, and even police assistance — the race has gone from underground alleycat to nearly mainstream bicycle race.

Befitting such a noteworthy event, the level of talent at the current race has been raised. And best exemplifying this improvement was Young Timmy. Just a couple years ago he was banging the boards of the rink in NoHo, earning several podium finishes along the way. Long one of the best players in the city, Timmy has now achieved a role as a sponsored Velodrome racer. Just last week he won the California State Championship Trifecta on the track in San Diego, narrowly edging the longtime LA racer Jack Lindquist in Match Sprints. The two were set for a rematch but Big Jack threw that chance away when he was disqualified after only the first round of the single elimination bracket. He crossed the lane line while gloating over a lead he opened up, but that was only a part of the night’s drama.

STAR SPRINTER Timmy takes the spotlight at the 2012 WPH Drag Race. Photo by Alex Dash

The Women’s bracket kicked it off with a close finish for another talented LA polo veteran, Krista Carlson. She qualified for the elimination round but was narrowly edged out of the tournament by the top-seeded Shelby Walter in a tense race. Further in, Beatriz “She Wolf” Rodriguez, Queen Bea of Wolfpack and a winner in previous years, took down Walter in a photo finish semi-final. In the Men’s semi-final, the Zaldua brothers, James and Tony, squared off in a head to head match for the right to be humbled by Timmy in the final, and each other at their next family gathering. Both brothers gave a good race that was within a few lengths of each other at the finish line.

DO OR DIE With her opponent several feet behind, Krista races against the clock to qualify for the elimination bracket. Photo by Robert Hollingsworth.

Waiting for the faster of the two (James), with a grin as wide as the tunnel itself was Tim McGee. As upbeat as ever and his face betraying no emotion, Tim saddled up to see his teammate from Predator Cycles across from him at the start line. All night long the young racer had been burying his competition like a backhoe. Never trailing in any of his heats, he also posted the fastest race time of the night, earning him additional prizes. He incurred much confidence from bursting out to large leads over his earlier opponents, often in the first third of the race. This impressive racing of his was witnessed all the through the tunnel, and certainly amongst Timmy’s sizable cheering section of LA polo players. They were proportionately rowdy to Tim’s level of dominance over the field, and the enthusiasm was infectious. Even the announcer got in on the excitement, introducing “Tim McGee of LA Bike Polo”- as opposed to his official sponsor- when announcing his starts and times. A little over halfway in to the men’s final race the whole crowd was now erupting; Timmy had another lead he would not surrender.

In between heats he was interviewed by various media outlets, including the LA Times. Through it all, Young Timmy maintained his typical blend of humility, calm, and a youthful, almost cherubic grin. Even back when he was a Polo Stud he had the same attitude; and it certainly is great, if not refreshing to see that more success has not spoiled him. Congratulations, Tim!! Big Win!!!

Bike Polo Infestation at Infest

The Infest warehouse in downtown is our new Wednesday night polo spot. We’ve been playing here on Thursdays since December and now we’re moving it to Wednesdays, so take note.

The warehouse is an awesome community space and we are 1000% grateful that they’ve been so welcoming to us. The Infest crew is a great group of people to boot, and they are always working on lots of different events and projects from art shows to punk shows to spoken word to womens’ dodgeball and firedancers. Outside they have a fantastic garden, though we haven’t been able to see much of it since we are there at night – but take a moment and check it out; they are growing all sorts of things and using stacked car tires to house potato plants.

As a community space, they subsist on donations, so any time you are here, to play polo or otherwise, dig into your pockets and give what you can to keep the Infest alive. Also, please be kind and gentle to all the doggies running around.

For photos of bike polo at Infest, check out Mikey Walley’s website – he’s come out a few times to get some snaps of the games in color and black & white; including this fantastic shot of Eli & Jinxy’s joust standoff. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You can also find detailed shots of Joker’s Surly 1×1 and some pix from the games in NELA too. Thanks Mikey!