Hardcourt Bike Polo in the City of Angels

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I came across a little bit of L.A.’s polo history while trawling the interwebz today:


Tonite was very exciting, especially after WE TOOK OVER THE ROLLER RINK!!! Is that an LA first? Without a doubt that is the best place to play, as our 4 on 4 will attest! Excellent surface, that place is the number one place to Play polo PERIOD

Can’t promise we’ll get that rink every time, but the later we start there the better. Post up here if anyone wants to get a night game going, or just to mess around there before next Monday, it is lit well into the night…

07.1.08 – 1:45 am

Yup! That was the first time us 818′ers used our lovely rink, which we can’t even imagine polo without nowadays.
Also note the excitement at  being able to play 4 on 4 (enough players AND enough space? Wow!), rather than the current disdain for this crazier and more dangerous version of our sport.


I also found this fun little piece, which is here entirely out of self-indulgence:

… and we even had this one girl, had to be 18 if that, who came TO PLAY and she could shoot!

07.22.08 – 11:53 am

The first time I played polo! And yes, I was one week into my 18th year then.

…We have 17 year old girls who show up all the time, so I know our game is not that wild. …
08.6.08 – 1:29 pm

And I would like to point out that I’ve made Joker eat those words many, many times since then. At least I like to think so.