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WHBPC Highlights

Helllooooooooo! OK, so this is long overdue, but the road has left little opportunity to post here, even my own blog update, The United States of Polomerica (a sort of ode to bike polo), was done via the WordPress mobile app on my phone! Unfortunately this site works a little bit different and I haven’t figured out how to update it from my celly.

Major congratulations to the Crazy Canucks!!!! Rory, Chris and Alex are a highly skilled, cohesive and professional team. Their game-play is incredibly fluid, bike-handling skills unmatched, and their attitudes are world-class.  Going undefeated throughout the entire final day, there were many worthy contenders, but their place at the top of the podium is a testament to doing polo right.

Major kudos to Call Me Daddy (France, 2nd place) and the Guardians (Seattle, 3rd place), too! Stellar polo all around. Geneva’s Iron Ponies took 4th; they and L’Equipe (the EHBPC ’11 champs, who tied MKE’s Beaver Boys for 5th) will have an opportunity to compete for a place atop the world podium on their home turf next year, when they host the 2012 WHBPC (this is technically only a *strong* rumor at present). We’re looking forward to it, Geneva!

And now, whether you were there or not, you’ll want to watch this highlight reel over and over and over. Lots of great moments are captured. Peep Pistolero’s bloody arm and Eli’s “two-piece” bike early on in the vid.

An 18-minute extended version is available here: 2011 WHBPC Highlights

L.A. teams advance from the wildcard to WHBPC

Fatigen & Sarah vs. LEquipe (Geneva)

Fatigen & Sarah vs. L'Equipe (Geneva)

Both all-L.A. teams that entered the wildcard tournament at Worlds qualified to play in Worlds (of course). Eli, Sarah and Brick slid into place in the 12th spot out of 12 teams that advanced.

Then, today, Eli’s bike snapped in two. He was skidding sideways in a game -he torqued it in two!



I subbed in for the end of that game and one other game, and Eli borrowed a bike for the other games. Fatiguen & Sarah’s record was 2W/3L. I was a Fatigen stand-in for the win against Whole Hearted (Tif/LEX, Jill/PGH, Stiven/OLY).  Every L.A. team needs a little lefty magic, after all.

The standings from today and a glimpse of what’s to come tomorrow (in the a.m. bracket), including Fatigen and Sarah vs. Bad Fingers (SF) and the Outsiders vs. the Guardians are available here: http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/worlds.

PRE-GAME POW WOW Rowdy briefs the mid-day bracket on rules and regulations of gameplay.

The Outsiders seeded 16th today, 818 Street Soldiers 34th, Fatigen at 40th and Pink & Bent featuring our favorite SD orphan lefty, Jush, landed 41st (out of 60).
818 Street Soldiers

818 Street Soldiers

I also spent the day standing as goal judge and working the food tent, along with helping fix two flats (one as soon as we arrived at the park and the other mid-game); hurdling boards to straighten goal nets and retrieve stray balls rocketed from one of the other three courts (many, many balls flew today); petting happy polo dogs; and watching an enormous heap of good polo. The first game of the day was MKE’s Beaver Boys versus one of the Aussie teams; it was a flawless shutout.
Never Nudes (EVan) vs. Munky Punch (GER)

Never Nudes (EVan) vs. Munky Punch (GER)

16 hours later, Jush is alseep on the couch next to me, snoring like a broke-down Chevy.
With love from WHBPC,

Summer Tournaments and Travel Dates

Look out to the polo horizon and what will you see? Weekend after weekend brimming with the buzz of tournaments and travel, and many of the same passionate polistas screening, shooting and scoring from dawn to dusk at each new court. Drawn together is the four-corners-of-the-continent family that breathes the same air of anticipation and excitement for each new moment of polo, smells of the same blend of bike grease, beer and adrenaline, and shares your fantasies about those magnitude-8 pologasm moments, like the long shots from half court or a flawless passing play and the unstoppable goal that follows.

Ahead of us now is an endless summer of warm polo-filled days. Let’s kick off the fun with the Long Beach Friendlies. A daylong tournament on May 8 consisting of pick-up and single elimination games, the LB Friendlies will be held as part of the Long Beach Bike Festival this weekend.

Later this year, L.A. is set to host the first Southwest Regional Championships. Dates TBA.

In June there are a variety of reasons to pack up your polo bike and out of state. PDX II (June 18-20) is a good one; so is ESPI5 & Ladies’ Army II (June 25-27). The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are a mere month after, from July 16-18 in Madison, Wisconsin, and if nothing can come between you and epic polo, then you won’t be missing the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Berlin from August 13-14.

In September we can look forward to winding the warm days at the East Van Crown. There’s quite a few honorary Canadians that are due for a (first) homecoming.  Holy shit, what an epic summer of polo!